Friday, September 26, 2014

Jonah Rief -- Trafficked to Terrorists

On November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, 2012,  Jonah Rief was stolen from his unwed mother Tammy Rief on a false claim that the mother had fled a divorce proceeding with her son.  Problem was that she was never married and the man who sought Jonah Rief was not his father.   There was no paperwork to back up the claims that she had stolen the child but vigilante traffickers had arranged for the theft of Jonah Rief and had the thug-power to pull it off.

Pictured: Jonah with his mother Tammy

Following his abduction without cause from his mother, who had raised and loved him, he was taken to Australia.  Neighbors and court-appointed experts reveal that the mother was a good parent and a loving mother, but being a loving and protective parent didn't save her son.  There are millions of similar stories. A transcript reveals that the traffickers spoke about it being necessary to get Jonah underground and out of the country for sale.  On February 26, 2013, Jonah entered Australia on a phony passport beating the false name of Jonah Sullivan and falsely listing the boy's parents as Brian and Denise Glasier.  Following this, nude pictures of Jonah were  profiled for selling the boy through  a Facebook page the traffickers set up under the names of Sara Francis and Sara Frances.  On September 1, 2013, the same pages were used by the traffickers to profile parts of the bodies of Jonah and other children who had been trafficked.

It is believed that Jonah may have witnessed a murder tied to the traffickers.  It is also believed that his hair has been changed.  He is in extreme danger and needs to come home.  His mother who loves him and wants him safe is Tammy Rief.  Jonah's grandparents live in Alabama on the farm where Tammy raised Jonah until his abduction.  Note:  there is a real father but he is not Brian Sullivan. The real father's rights were also lost when the boy was trafficked.

If you find him, help him get home.  You can message for help at   Jonah is six years old.  Help him make it home before his seventh birthday.

Pictures of Jonah from before abduction:

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